Turkish Airlines VA Website

Turkish Airlines VA Website


This is a rough draft for creating the VA Website. This covers short term requirements

Functional Requirements

In order of priority
  1. The website shall have a home page
    1. Featuring a Hero graphic as determined by staff
    2. Statistics pulled from airtable
  1. The website shall have a fleet page
  1. The website shall have a staff page

Technical Requirements

  • The website shall use the React.js Framework
  • The codebase repository shall be hosted on Github
  • The website shall be deployed on a cloud service that can integrate with Github for Continuous Delivery
    • Candidates are currently Vercel and AWS Amplify

Non Functional Requirements

  • The website shall be static
  • CI/CD pipelines must be implemented for easy maintenance, deployment, and contribution

Random notes

Check IFC for examples
Air Canada Virtual is a good example