I’m Going on Local Missions

I’m Going on Local Missions

Bali Hai Missions
Apr 15, 2024

🤠 Howdy Family and Friends!

In my time at Renewal Church in Sunnyvale, I have had the opportunity to regularly volunteer at a food pantry at Bali Hai, a local low-income apartment complex. Over the past year, it has been a heartwarming experience getting to know the adults and kids there!
On June 17th-21st, I will be joining a team to dedicate one week to serving families and kids at the Bali Hai Apartment complex! We will be organizing games, crafts, and Bible Lessons for the kids.
Because it is local, we have existing relationships with the people there!
The kids know me, make fun of me, and I have an idea of how their life is going. Already knowing the struggles, the wins and losses, and generally how to pray for these people put us in a unique position to serve them for a week!
My ongoing prayer for people at the Bali Hai Apartment complex has been specifically for the kids — that they would come to know Christ as their personal savior and be surrounded by people who build them up.
My hope for our team is that we could be at least a small part of that prayer, to be good influences to the kids that point them to Jesus.

🏠 A bit more about Bali Hai

Bali Hai is a local apartment complex, walking distance from Renewal Church! It is a low-income apartment complex whose tenants are mainly from Colombia and other Hispanic countries. Many of the tenants are families with young kids. Renewal Church has been hosting a food pantry for them twice a month for the past few years. It’s not just about giving out groceries — we try to get to know the people there and the kids have definitely warmed up to us! We offer prayer, crafts, and simply catch up with the older kids to see how school’s been going for them.

🤔 Why I am going

My previous and only short-term missions experience was in Cobán, Guatemala.
I helped lead games for the kids in Cobán. They were so loving and it was amazing to see how God was already working in their lives!
I helped lead games for the kids in Cobán. They were so loving and it was amazing to see how God was already working in their lives!
Truly, it showed me how short-term missions is as much for myself as it is for the people we are serving. I believe God is always at work, and short-term missions is a great opportunity to see how God is already working and join Him in His work!
Also, I have a heart for serving kids. I served in children’s ministry for six years and also tutored a student from Cobán. Their energy and joyfulness is something that I try to reflect in my day-to-day, so I’m excited to be working with kids once again!

🫂 Support me!

Prayer Requests:
  • For the people at Bali Hai. Almost all are low-income first-generation immigrants and many only speak a handful of English. From kids to working adults, may they see how God is providing for them and building them up in the midst of challenging circumstances
  • That I would continue to be praying for people at Bali Hai! May I prepare my heart for what God will be doing there.
  • For our team, that God would build our interpersonal relationships and team dynamic! May we be unified by Christ in our service — it is not us but God who does the work.
Financial Support:
  • We are looking to raise $7,000 which will be going towards supplies, venue, lunches (for the kids and our team), and other necessities for the kids activities we are organizing! My personal fundraising goal is $1,000. Donate here: tisuela.com/missions-donate
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