Habit 6: Synergize

Principles of Creative Cooperation
Synergy means that the whole is greater thank the sum of its parts

Synergistic Communication

It opens my mind to new possibilities.
However, this requires solid personal security, openness, and a spirit of adventure. It will be unpredictable, and I must be unnerved and creative.
It may only take a little time to build enough trust to create synergy
Synergy is almost as if a group collectively agrees to subordinate old scripts and to write a new one

Synergy and Communication

Great communication happens in nonprotective interactions.
Compromise means 1 + 1 = 1. Synergy means 1+1 > 2.
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Negative Synergy

Unity means people complement each other.
Intrapersonal synergy
The synergy between ourselves; between the principles, mind, heart.
This is wholeness.

Valuing the Differences

This is the essence of synergy: Being humble enough to recognize my own weaknesses while having the reverences of what the people around me can bring.

Force Field Analysis

Take your foot off the break instead of giving more gas.