Habit 3: Put First Things First

Principles of Personal Management

Intro + Questions

Self-management requires vision + focus —> it then becomes the key of the second creation; living out the habits.
What is one thing I can do that if I did it regularly, would make a tremendous positive difference in my personal life?
Probably running. I need that space for reflection, and I believe the discipline of running builds character
^ That but for my professional life?
Documentation and writing things down more often. It would benefit my teammates, myself, and new hires.

The Power of Independent Will

Act with integrity to the vision and principles that I have set before myself.
The burning yes allows me to say no to other things.

Four Generations of Time Management

Focus not on things and time, but on relationships and accomplishing results

Quadrant II

AHA! they are the answers to the questions above.
The Pareto Principle: Focus on the important and not urgent.
4 Quadrants
notion image

What it takes to say "No"

The foundation of discipline is built on self-awareness and proper direction (principles). Only then can we direct our No's to the unimportant.

Moving into Quadrant II

Imagine the Kanban board but guided by principles. It is prioritization and planning in the context of my principles and meaning in life.

The Quadrant II Tool

Management Tool! Jira! What does it need to have?
  • Coherence
  • Balance
  • Focus on Quadrant II
  • A People/Relationship Dimension
  • Flexibility
  • Portability

Becoming a Quadrant II Self-Manager

Tie weekly goals with principles
Figure these things out once a week
  • Identify Roles
  • Select Goals
  • Schedule

Living It

Subordinate my schedule to my values with integrity.
Remember the nature of people and relationships. Effectiveness, not efficiency,

Advances of the Fourth Generation

The Four for Five
  • Principle Centered
  • Conscience Directed (subordinate w/ integrity)
  • Defines my mission via long term goals
  • Balance via identifying roles
  • Greater context via weekly planning

Delegation: Increasing P and PC

Delegation is critical to management and effectiveness
Gofer vs Stewardship Delegation
Gofer is unsustainable; delegation in a producer mindset
Stewardship is built on trust. It relies on mutual understanding and commitment in 5 areas:
  • Desired results
  • Guidelines
  • Resources
  • Accountability
  • Consequences

The Urgency Addiction

Status is measured by how busy you are.
We have yet to develop good metrics for measuring the productivity of knowledge workers