Supporting each other
Social events - organic, don’t need to much structure. Naturally ppl came to do things together
Integrating with other people in the church. Organic!!!
One on ones are critical as well
Pray for them
Keep it open to og members
Prioritize FaceTime with new ppl
Keep ur coleads aware of the state of all members
Bring up the gospel every meeting
Should be very welcoming, accepting, fun space
No Christian lingo! No religiosity
Board games!!
Testimonies from us and others
PU QA time. Ask members to prepare questions
Have cell structure - emphasize consistency!
Message eachother about highlights . Like mini debrief
Important to remain encouraged!
Spiritual warfare! Be united
Guys enjoyed split gendered stuff
Social weeks
Some ppl may purely come for social reasons… gently press them
One on one dating is an issue
Longer cg may mean ppl lose momentum. Ppl lose commitment, less engaged. We’re not here to just be comfortable. A defined ending is nice
It will be awkward in the beginning.
Ensure all leaders show commitment.
Don’t make any assumptions
Keep tabs on every single member. Try to understand where everyone is at and don’t let anyone slip through the cracks
Sit together on Sundays!
Get the church involved. Block every other month the receive prayer. Be intentional about asking for prayer
Tim and Irene will pray for us!
Meet 15 min beforehand to pray together